Evolving Doors Dance



...an evening of new choreography on November 2nd and 3rd in the Performance Space at the Dairy Center for the Arts and November 8th and 9th at the KRD Venue in Denver.  All performances begin at 7:30pm.  SKIN examines the questions:  Why do we touch?  How do we use touch to communicate and what ARE we saying when we do?  Why do we long for human contact?  How can touch be so universal and, at the same time, so uniquely intimate?  What happens to the human body at the moment of touch?  Our skin is our largest organ and our means of contact to anything that is not part of us.  What is your skin holding in?

This captivating work features choreography by Angie Simmons, sound scores by Amy Shelley, costumes by Annabel Reader, lighting by Craig Bushman and Jess Buttery, a seven member cast of breathtaking movers, and a work welcoming community dancer from around the metro area.  Please join the cast for post-performance Q&A sessions on November 2nd and 8th.  This production is made possible in part by Boulder College of Massage Therapy, Fractured Atlas, Boulder County Arts Alliance, and a whole community of individual donors!

Evolving Doors Dancers: Tara Oldfield, Serena Chopra, Stephanie Lee, Anna Mayer, Kat Gurley, Tara McFarland, and Ying Zhu.

Evolving Doors Community Guest Dancers:

Annabel Reader, Yael Japha, Allie Smith, Melissa Rumsey, Hallie Bauernschmidt, Gretchen LaBorwit, Charissa Bowditch, Amanda Hill, Maya LaLiberte, Catherine Bedell, Carmen Maria, Galen Temple-Wood, Emily Thompson, Tamera Snyder, Sam Levis, Charles Dietrich, Stacey Gibbs, Angela O'Connor

Performance Space @ the Dairy Center

2590 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80302

Friday, Nov 2nd and Saturday, Nov 3rd


GA - $18, Student/Senior - $16

www.thedairy.org  OR  303.444.7328

The KRD Venue

1385 South Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80223

Thursday, Nov 8th and Friday, Nov 9th


GA - $18, Student/Senior - $16


Photo by Drew Levin,

Graphic Design by Levi Parker

Dairy Center Performance in Boulder

KRD Venue Performance in Denver  (The theatre is in the Urban Lights Building.  If you are heading south on Santa Fe, look for the entrance to the parking lot immediatly after rounding the curve and seeing the large, gray Urban Lights Building and McDonalds.  Turn in before passing McDonalds and stay left.  Head to the east side of the building and you’ll see a red and black banner for Kim Robards Dance.  Park in the Urban Lights parking lot and enter the double doors near the banner!