Weekly Advanced Contemporary Forms

Wednesdays (weekly)
10-11:30am MST
@ Hannah Kahn’s Open Studio (75 S. Cherokee St., Denver, 80233)

Class Aug – Nov.  

Fall session concludes with the final class on Wed, Nov 17th.


We are now welcoming drop-in movers; however, pre-registration is strongly suggested.  Registration closes each Tuesday at 10am.  Class is limited to 10 movers per week.  Drop-ins will be first-come-first-serve.

This is a mask-mandatory class unless designated otherwise at the time of arrival each week.  Vaccinations are strongly recommended.  These measures are to work on keeping our local dance community safe and healthy! Please bring your own water.


Register, payment and enter discount codes here:  

Pre-Registered single class: $14 

Drop-in single class: $16

Discount codes are available for professional dancers and block class takers.  Email or reach out via FB, Insta or text to Angie Simmons for codes!

Class Description: 
This is an advanced contemporary modern movement class with somatic roots. Class begins with a Bartenieff and Alexander Technique informed floor warm up, exploring weight shift, space, and internal and external consciousness to bring the dancer into a somatically aware state of readiness. Class then offers movement varying from expansive and sweeping to intricate and quirky, technical elements, complexity of floor pattern/direction change/level, inversions, and floor work in each class. Phrases are a blend of LĂ­mon and Release based with a strong technical through-line, utilizes weight of the body, uses the spine and awareness of the head-tail connection throughout, and relies heavily on the use of spirals through the kinesthetic sphere of movement. This class is geared toward the advanced dancer, those pursuing dance as a profession, and dancers looking for a full-bodied, get-your-blood-pumping, feel-good but also challenged class! Class is accompanied by drummer, Amy Shelley!
Weekly Advanced Contemporary Modern Class