About this evening’s  performance…


The live artwork you’re about to experience is non-linear and non-narrative.  It is sometimes literal and sometimes abstract. You may find a story in it.  You may find your story in it.  This is a lovely coincidence that we encourage you to embrace.  If not, simply enjoy the ride and see where it takes you. Each piece is designed to continuously loop in its environment and those pieces range from 6-10 minutes but there will be no beginning and no end as you view.  You will not be able to loop back and view sections again, so intake it all while you’re present in each installation and enjoy the ride.


Follow the arrows and lighted path as you walk through various areas of the building.  As you do, you’ll encounter musicians and dancers in installation environments.  Sound from other musicians will float in the background and blend to create an overall sound experience, washing over the movement. The movers will draw you into individual environments as they examine barriers, distance, and divides by finding ways to integrate, express, receive, give, support, and hold space for you in this intimate performance. 


If you’d like contribute additionally to Evolving Doors Dance’s work, you are welcome to do so at our fundraising page, here, OR through Venmo (@evolvingdoorsdance).


Dancers (in order of appearance): Samantha Lewis, Gretchen LaBorwit & Angie Simmons, Hanna Ghadessi, Kat Kalamaras, Victoria Stone & Erika Curry-Elrod, Alfred Smith


Musicians (in order of appearance): Kevin Lee (guitar), Juli Royster (bass), Amy Shelley (drums/guitar/keyboard), Carmen Sandim (piano)


Choreographer:  Angie Simmons (with creative input and development from the dancers)


Music Director: Amy Shelley


Dance-for-Camera Artist: Gretchen LaBorwit


Videographer:  Gretchen LaBorwit  /  Assistant Videographer:  David Jordan


Lighting Designer: Alex Hanna


Costumes: Angie Simmons


Live Stream:  We Are Denver 


Video Engineer:  Miles Holland


Streaming & Tech Assistance: Aaron Vega


Photos:  Martha Wirth


Concept & Direction: Angie Simmons & Amy Shelley

About Evolving Doors Dance…

EDD has a fourteen year history of building community, educating, and performing while nurturing the art of movement and its place in our world. The company works to present politically motivated, professional, relevant, and accessible contemporary modern dance. As EDD’s work paints pictures only bodies and spacial relationships can conjure, it uses dance as a medium to bring human and social awareness to its audience and the community.

Cast Bios / Photos

A very special thank you to our community who continues to support dance in the Denver Metro, and to our many and generous donors listed below.  Without you, this would not be possible, and we are eternally grateful.

An additional thank you to Len Matheo, Jonathan Scott-McKean, and Miners Alley Playhouse; Tara Oldfield and Jason DeRose; Lakewood Dance Academy; The People’s Building and Aaron Vega (and Kristin Sutter); the Aurora Arts Council; the city of Aurora; Tom & Linda Simmons, and Amy Simmons; Sherry Shelley; Attia Crews; Aura Newlin; Gary Grundei; Cathy Milkey; Karen Chontofalsky; Jesse McPhail; Lucy Riner; Annabel Reader; Control Group Productions; Fractured Atlas; Josh Favors and Brothers of Invention for our website; Martha Wirth Photography; and the cast – who’s creativity, enthusiasm and flexibility is deeply appreciated!


Evolving Doors Dance 2020 Donors

(We’d also like to thank our anonymous donors!)


Gold Donor

Chad Beguelin, Sherry Shelley


Sterling Door Donors

Amber Johnson, Karen Chontofalsky, Dawn McCaugherty (in memory of Kenneth Washington), Robin Weintraub (for Gretchen’s Birthday), Tom & Linda Simmons


Crystal Door Donors

Gabriel Grant, Moji Ghadessi, Lucy Riner, Andee Scott, Molly Wickwire-Sante, Len Matheo & Lisa DiCaro, Amy Slater, Cathy Werner, Randy & Isabel Schleeter, Stephanie Hickey, Connie Wilbert & George Jones, Kristi Peterson, Jesse McPhail, Jason Stack, Joe & Carolyn Curry, Justin Thurston, Roberta Stone, Elena Levin


Mahogany Door Donors

Aura Newlin, Devon McClurken, Paula Elizabeth, Carolyn Shulman, Dani Hendricks, Becky Hammond, Elizabeth Nitz & Catherine Horning, Grace Gallagher, Kelsey Cone, Devon McClurken,
Tammy Saegee


Open Door Donors

Pam & Neil Ackerman, Evan Bell, Mark Collins, Mimi Ferrie, Lucy Foote, April Eavers, Justin & Julie Babcock, Evan Bell,
Steph Holmbo, Jessica Nepsha, Tara McLain-Manthey

If you’d like to join our donors, please visit the link below OR donate directly to EDD through:

Vimeo (@evolvingdoorsdance)


Fractured Atlas EDD Fundraiser: 


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