Relative Weight & Tiny Surrenders

In October 2016, Evolving Doors Dance premiered new work, Relative Weight & Tiny Surrenders. EDD artistic collaborators Amy Shelley and Angie Simmons dove into conflict and resolution by looking at life’s struggles on small and large scales.  EDD’s six dancers connected, strengthened, resisted, and resolved.  Moving through these moments, with grace or with a stumble, struggle became a metaphor for physical exploration. Chicago creative duo, Lucy Riner and Michael Estanich, presented work that pondered how and where love surges in our lives.

RE|Dance Group’s dynamic ensemble of nine dancers seamlessly wove together a series of vignettes that navigated the tricky, intersecting terrain of emotion, memory, desire, and joy.  This work was also toured in the Midwest in 2015, offering performances, classes, and workshops at Central Wyoming College in Riverton, Wyoming; at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Missouri; at community studios in Sandoval and Centralia, Illinois, at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois; and at Links Hall in Chicago, Illinois.