SKIN (2012)

Conceptualized, created and produced by EDD’s Angie Simmons and Amy Shelley, SKIN, explored the concepts and reasons for human touch. Why do we touch? How do we use touch to communicate and what ARE we saying when we do? Why do we long for touch and human contact? How can touch be so universal and, at the same time, so uniquely intimate? What happens to the human body at the moment of touch? What happens when we are the observer of the interaction of touching? What lies beneath the SKIN may be a whole other matter. This show was an evening of non-stop movement, image, texture, skin, contact, and touch/ It featured EDD ‘s seven, beautiful dancers, lighting by Craig Bushman (Boulder) and Jesse Buttery (Denver), costumes by Annabel Reader, music/sound creation and editing by Amy Shelley and original choreography by Angie Simmons. This work was presented at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder and at the KRD Venue on Santa Fe in Denver.