Evolving Doors Dance

Independent artists are able to create work with, about, and for their communities due to amazing contributions of patrons of dance and the arts! During this time, all of our artists and collaborators have been deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in both their arts lives and their day-to-day work lives. We are striving for everyone involved in our projects to be paid stipends for their work and time. While we have been awarded a small grant for the 2020 season, we can only fully cover our budgetary need with donations from our fans, patrons, friends, families, communities, and supporters of the arts.

You can support the work and artists of Evolving Doors Dance by making a tax deductible donation of any size! Contribute to arts and artists in your neighborhood!! Be proactive in the arts! Don’t assume someone else will keep your favorite arts organization, company or or event alive! We believe that arts enrich, and sometimes save, lives. You can be part of that charge!

Relative Weight _ Tiny Surrenders (2016), Image 2, Image by Benjamin Smith


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