Evolving Doors Dance cultivates, collaborates, builds community, educates, and performs while nurturing the art of dance and movement and its place in our world.

When in full ensemble, a very strong presence was communicated by the dancers of the company. Individual impressions and concerns were clearly detailed in a context of potentially confusing overlap and intersection. To be human is to feel. What developed through duets, a stunning solo, and intriguing group work was a clear call to expression. In borrowed words I say, "Connection is Empowerment."
Presenting Denver
...edgy and politically charged... combining the body and media as a vehicle, EDD exposes the cracks and inequalities in society. They are a revolutionary company using art as their weapon.
Living Arts Chronicle Review
(The work).... defied all my high expectations! The choreography and the incredible talent of the cast made each piece so moving. At one point I got chills from the gripping emotion portrayed and while another piece brought forth hidden feelings of my own vulnerability. Just outstanding creativity and dance throughout, not a single weak spot in the program!
audience member
Powerful, provoking, intimate, crazy fun and extremely well done!
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