"From sewing lessons and brief lectures on cultural fabric traditions, to shrouding the dancers, cloth is laid out, literally and metaphorically, quilting together the assorted elements of dance, poetry, memory, and music. Though sometimes the performers speak of repairing cloth, the dancers’ bodies intertwine, pulling together, pushing away, speaking of relationship. From there, the language flows into poetry about loss, or desire to reconnect, while bodies strive to make contact, or dancers tie fabric to form a bridge."

"A beautifully raw exchange of tension between two dancers who pressed into each other in various shapes until the other had no choice but to move a shoulder or a foot, was undoubtedly one of the most captivating somatic moments of the evening. This partnership invited the viewer to be a part of the exploration of the inevitable tipping point of force. The narratives danced back and forth between realism and humor. A crowd favorite was a modern re-envisioning of the story of Homer’s Penelope by Artistic Director, Angie Simmons."


"When in full ensemble, a very strong presence was communicated by the dancers of the company. Individual impressions and concerns were clearly detailed in a context of potentially confusing overlap and intersection. To be human is to feel. What developed through duets, a stunning solo, and intriguing group work was a clear call to expression. In borrowed words I say, "Connection is Empowerment."


"The work of Evolving Doors Dance is edgy and politically charged. Combining the body and media as the vehicle, EDD exposes the cracks and inequities in society. They are a revolutionary company using art as their weapon."


"It’s the beginning of a wonderful duet that explores movement, human and dancerly, complex and poignantly plain, for two dancers that move so alike they almost seem one. "