Coil & Web (2020)

Bodies swirl and shift through Coil &Web navigating natural elements and internal landscapes, contemplating the accelerating disconnect and the unseen entanglement of life forces on our planet. At the core of our being lies a code that defines us, a script that writes our story and interweaves our lives with others, making it evident that, even at our basic genetic level, we are 99.9% alike…more alike than we are different. This internal connection expands from living being to living being, creating an invisible web that is imperceptible to measure, yet omnipresent.

“Coil &Web” journeys to a place where pushing past the noise and tuning in to a deeper connection aligns us on the same frequency, spiraling towards oneness and turning away from division. This performance was made possible by a partial grant from the Aurora Cultural Arts District and assistance from The People’s Building in Aurora.