Moving Through: Bodies, Music, Images, Experience (2020)

Evolving Doors Dance premiered Moving Through: Bodies, Music, Images, Experience at The People’s Building, Oct 1-3, 2020 as an in-person, live performance and also as a live-streamed event.  The audience descended into an experience of live music, movement, and film.  As they walked through various areas of the building on a guided path, sounds of solo musicians throughout the building served as individual instruments for solo dancers while also bleeding over into other aspects of the experience, creating an overall soundscape that evolved as the evening progressed

Movers drew viewers into individual installation environments as they examine barriers, distance, and divides by finding ways to integrate, express, receive, give, support, and hold space while also touching on the sensations and experiences of our current world-community in this intimate performance. This performance was made possible by a partial grant from the Aurora Cultural Arts District and assistance from The People’s Building in Aurora.