S(LAB) (2013)
Real People. Real Moving.

Evolving Doors Dance presented Spring LAB 2013, an informal showing of work. This project brought together fresh bodies, new approaches to choreography, samples of live musical exploration, Redline’s striking visual art, and a non-traditional space for dance. The performance involved six dancers among the provocative works exhibited at Redline as they catapulted themselves through the space. Fragments shown physically navigated line, texture, relationship, and juxtaposition, appealing to patrons of both visual and performing art. Evolving Doors Dance directors Angie Simmons and Amy Shelley were pleased to be guests of Redline as they shared these samplings of work in progress. Guests were encouraged to take part in a gallery reception as they viewed the artwork and movement.

Music Composed and Performed Live by Amy Shelley.